About GworX





It all began in 2002 when Goose, founder and builder of guitar and effects pedals decided to diy his own gear. A musician and his quest for something larger than norm, something different from the usual, this led him down the road less travelled.



Starting out in his humble home, Goose initially started out doing modifications and repairs for his own personal use creating sounds that soon brought in friends and acquaintances reaching out to him to get their gear fixed. Word soon got around the music scene and his garage door talent was soon put into full use for musicians seeking out repairs, modifications, customs and much more. Not only was he doing guitars and amplifiers but he also set out to build his own line of pedals.



Goose initially just wanted to feel and sound great with his custom builds. He started out by modding pedals of his own and it raised an interest with fellow musicians which led to building pedals that sounded exactly how he wanted it, which also sparked and interest with many fellow musicians. Featured in both the New paper and Straits Times (https://youtu.be/1yYsHGoGr14), his line of pedals, Seventheaven, Kult, Blitzkreig and more gained popularity not just in the local scene but also to a worldwide audience.



After many years of experience under his belt Gworx was founded and built not just for repairs but has become a trusted one stop shop or all guitar and amplifier needs from musicians and gear junkies all around the world servicing some of the big boys and musicians who have made their names big in the music world.