Our Services


Guitar Repair and setup


 Whether it is doing major or minor repairs we take close attention to detail, including Setups, Respray neck or body, Repair of Dings, Structural Repairs (body cracks, braces, bridge re-set and glue, headstocks, etc.), Roasting/Aging, Relic, Fretwork, Neck Resets (bolt-on & dovetail), Carving String Nuts & Bridge Saddles, Routing, Pickup Installation (electric & acoustic), Preamp, EQ, Shielding, anything your regular guitar repair store can’t do. 


Guitar / Bass Electronics


  • Exceptional volume control without sacrificing high end frequencies.
  •  Smoother tone roll-off.
  •  More defined and clearer signal path.
  •  Potentiometer resistance matching  for balanced control.
  •  A selection of tone capacitors to match your guitar type and pickups.
  •  Period correct wiring and materials.
  •  Best quality parts and construction for trouble free performance.
  •  Custom switching options.
  • EMI Shielding for background noise and interference reduction.
  •  Push Pull Pots
  •  Coil Splitting
  •  Noise Cancelling
  • Pickup Installation (electric & acoustic
  • Preamp, EQ, Shielding

Amplifier Repair And Services


We offer services from general maintenance to complete rebuild and modification.  We also take pride in our vintage amp restoration and refurbishment. The ONLY shop with comprehensive tube amp solutions.

Custom Tolex And Cab


Professional Tolex Service. All work 100% guarantee. Custom colours available.  Full strip down, repair of chips, removal of glue, professional level sanding, sealing of wood, repair of any join stress + Tolex.

Professional Pedal Board Setup and Cabling. 


Setting up a pedal board can be stressful and daunting.

We offer ultimate one stop solution from pedal placement, signal chain routing, power management and  tone solution for those embarking on their pedal board journey. Only the best options and components goes into our custom pedal boards. No fuss free consultation available.