Amplifier Repair And Maintenance

No matter what your guitar or amplifier needs may be, our expert repair techs are here to help.



Professionally trained coupled with experience, all troubleshoot and diagnosis done with OEM schematics, repair data and proper diagnosis tools . 

What is more assuring is our workshops are open and extra attention is spent guaranteeing that all the guitars and amplifiers that come through our repair shop get the best treatment and service.


Guitar amplifiers are prone to abuse and neglect . 

From getting bumped and bruised to drinks spilled on them and some are forgotten in dusty basements for years.

We are glad that most are lovingly cared for and treated with the respect they deserve.

Regardless they are vital to a guitarist and need to be reliable and optimum.

This where periodic Tune Up is crucial to get the best pot of them and eventually save maintenance/breakdown cost.

An amplifier Tune Up involves going through the amp’s entire circuit to remedy any minor issues therein and give the amp a clean bill of health. 

This is to not only ensure the amp is working properly, but also safely.

Before working on any amplifier we give it a proper visual check looking for any obvious signs of trouble such as bad tubes, blown fuses, or an unsafe power cable. If all looks proper then it is time to open the amp up.

We  only source period correct parts for vintage amps and original  factory or upgrades for current production amps. 


Warranty or repair is applied accordingly.