Guitar Repair & Setup

We are specialists in guitar repairs including all kinds of high-end woodworking, fret work, neck adjustments and resets, full vintage restoration and finishes. We also provide intricate repairs like broken acoustic guitar braces or even major reconstruction is done to perfection and love.


  • Setups 
  • Fret Level and Dressing
  • Respray neck or body*
  • Custom Refinishing e.g. Relic
  • Repair of Dings
  • Structural Repairs (body cracks, braces, bridge re-set and glue, headstocks, etc.)
  • RE-fret with Finger Board Correction
  • Neck Resets (bolt-on & dovetail)
  • Carving String Nuts & Bridge Saddles
  • Pickup Installation (electric & acoustic)
  • Pick up rewinding or vintage pickups
  • Preamp, EQ, Shielding  


Anything your regular guitar repair store can’t do


*Body Finish currently NOT available